The second project of my IronHack experience was an individual task.

We were asked to:
‘Analyse an already existing and highly adopted app and incorporate a new feature into the existing product. …

For the first challenge of the Ironhack UX/UI Design course, we were asked to choose a wicked problem out of five possible categories, these were: Immigration, Public Hospitals, City Mobility, Food Sustainability or Culture & Heritage.

My group of four choose the following brief on Immigration:

“The new century has…

For Challenge 3 of Ironhacks prework, we have to complete a usability evaluation and site redesign. In this scenario, I chose the user type of an elderly couple in their 60s-80s and they wanted to visit Machu Pichu after retiring.

They were looking for a tour or package with some…

For Challenge 2 of the Pre-Work for Ironhack, we were asked to create a wireframe of a chosen App. The App I chose to use was “Strides” which is an awesome app that I use a lot. Strides is a fantastic app for tracking your goals and habits. You can track good or bad habits within the app and it is a great way to see your progress over time with certain habits.

I chose to create wireframes of the settings page, appearance page, alert sounds page, badge padge and filters page. The reason I decided to work on wireframes for this app was because of its simple design and I wanted to begin here with my first wireframe.

The first challenge of my IRONHACK experience was an immersion in the ‘design thinking’ process. The challenge involved creating a new feature for a known company. The company is a startup called UrbanGo and they exist to offer solutions to problems involving urban mobility and getting around foreign areas by…

Carissa Rose

UX / UI Designer

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